Will pinching my baby's nose make it pointed?

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No, there is no evidence that pinching, pulling or massaging the bridge of your baby's nose will make it pointed or change its shape. On the contrary, experts say that you may end up hurting your baby if you pinch her nose continuously or if you pinch it too hard. So, it’s best to leave your baby’s nose alone. 

During pregnancy, your baby's nose is one of the first features to start forming. Your baby’s nose is formed between five weeks and eight weeks of pregnancy. Towards the end of your pregnancy, most of the basic elements of her nose are formed, but not completely. 

At birth, the nose can get squashed, flattened or pushed to a side as your baby comes out. So it's quite normal to have a baby with an oddly shaped nose. Read more about what a newborn looks like

Experts say that this is usually temporary. It will take anywhere from 
a week to a few months for your baby's nasal bridge to develop fully. Pinching her nose may affect this process. In extreme cases, her nose may be damaged if you pinch it too hard, requiring surgery.

Pinching the nose might be a traditional part of a newborn's 
massage in your family. But most experts recommend not massaging the face during a massage. Your little one's features will develop at their own pace.

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