Should I not massage my baby if he has a fever?

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Some doctors say that if your baby has a mild fever, a massage might offer him some relief. Babies, like adults, may have body aches when they have a cold or viral infection. A gentle massage might help to ease discomfort

It’s difficult to say, as experts disagree. 

However, other doctors do not recommend massaging your baby if he has either a
 viral illness or a fever. Guidelines in the UK and US say that massage therapy should be avoided during a fever, and even during a viral illness such as a cold. This is because during an infection, the body works hard to fight the infection and recover. A massage can be stimulating to the body at a time when rest is important. Another theory is that a massage could help to spread the virus through the body more quickly. 

If your baby has a fever, it’s always best to ask your doctor first. If your doctor says it's fine to massage your baby, use gentle strokes. It might also be better to massage your baby without any oil and on top of his clothes. This will ensure he doesn't feel cold.

If you are massaging your baby, pay attention to his cues. Your baby will let you know when the massage needs to end and which strokes he likes or dislikes. If your 
baby starts to cry during the massage, he is telling you that he has had enough, or that he doesn’t want to be massaged.

If your baby doesn't seem to enjoy a full body massage, you can massage just the soles of his feet or the palms of his hands. This can soothe him and help him to relax.

If you do give him an 
oil massage, choose an oil that suits your baby's delicate skin. Traditionally, warm mustard seed oil (sarson ka tel) is used. And often, it is heated with a few garlic pods (lehsun) and fenugreek (methi) seeds. However, mustard oil may not be the best choice, particularly if your baby has dry or sensitive skin. Mustard oil can actually aggravate dry skin

If your baby has a fever and a 
rash, take him to the doctor and don't apply any product on his skin without first consulting your doctor. 

To learn more about which oil to use for your baby's massage, read our article on 
best massage oils for your baby.

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