My baby's breasts seem enlarged and have a milky discharge. Is it safe to squeeze the fluid out?

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No, it isn’t a good idea to squeeze out any liquid from your baby’s breast. 

Exposure to hormones during pregnancy causes a slight enlargement of breasts in some baby boys and baby girls. There might also be white milky discharge often called "witch's milk". This is common for newborns and nothing to worry about.

This condition usually goes away naturally within a few days and no treatment is needed unless your baby’s breasts seem red or tender.

Traditionally, witch’s milk is considered bad milk. But squeezing it out can cause bacteria to get into the milk glands and lead to an infection of the breasts (mastitis). 

If you have hired a dai or a family member has offered to help with massaging your baby during your confinement period, make sure to tell them not to apply any pressure on your baby’s breasts. 

If your baby’s breasts do get infected, speak to your 
doctor immediately. He will recommend an antibiotic treatment and ask you to not apply any kind of pressure on the infected area. Not treating the infection in time can lead to cysts that will need to be removed surgically. 

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