I'm scared of giving my newborn a bath. What can I do?

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Bathing your newborn baby can be scary in the beginning, especially if you are a first time mum. Rest assured that with practice, bathing and massaging your baby will become second nature to you, soon enough.

If you're scared of handling a wet and slippery newborn, you can start by giving your baby a sponge bath. In a sponge bath, you clean your baby with a wet washcloth rather than using a bucket and water. Read about how to give your baby a sponge bath here.

You can continue to give your baby a sponge bath until his umbilical stump falls off or even longer if you want. This will give you time to establish a bathing routine in which you bathe your baby at the same time each day. It will also give you time to become more confident about holding, carrying and moving your newborn around. 

Babies don't get very dirty as long as they have not started to roll over and move about. Just be sure to keep the folds of her skin in her neck clean as spit-up milk or vomit can collect there. Also clean her nappy area and the folds of her skin on her thighs regularly.

Many families have an ayahjapa maid or maalishwaali at home to help care for the baby in the 
first 40 days after birth. This can be very helpful, especially if you've had a difficult birth or if you don't have help around the house.

You can give the first few baths to your baby with the help of this maid or of an elder in the family. This will allow you to gain confidence in handling a wet baby before doing it on your own. Try to stay calm and keep a firm hold of your baby when moving her in and out of the bath. The maid can help to support you and fetch anything you've forgotten. Until you get into a routine, you'll probably find this happens often! 

Handling a wriggling, wet and slippery baby takes practice and confidence, but rest assured you and your baby will get used to bathtime and enjoy it. Most babies are soothed by warm water and a bath may help a fussy baby to relax and calm down.

You'll probably even find that giving your baby her massage and bath every day are particularly good bonding moments that you will treasure for long.

Just remember to never leave your baby unattended. Your baby can get into trouble in very little water within a matter of a few seconds. Read our complete guide on 
bathing your newborn.

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